Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Sometimes I feel a little guilty about the amount of stuff i tend to accumulate, collect, display and generally live with but I heard a great quote the other day when listening to 'After the Jump'. Megan Auman was speaking with Grace Boney from Design*Sponge in defense of stuff and the way it can enrich our lives (unless you are on the TV show Hoarders I guess). The quote was:

'Savour what you own. Buy what you love.'

and i realised I actually already do this a lot (the savouring that is, as well as the buying!) and I think I will continue to do this, thanks very much!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Rowena Martinich

Generally speaking I'm not sure about the flouro trend that has gripped Melbourne since the start of the year but when I was at Furnitex a couple of weekends ago, I think I turned a corner. I fell head over heels for a fantastic mural by artist Rowena Martinich who was exhibiting at Design Made Trade. I'd love to commission her to paint a mural on a courtyard wall of a very white, boxy modern building. The contrast would make your heart sing..!

the talented Rowena Martinich