Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Laundry & Bathroom Renovation Elwood

A client recently emailed some photos (thanks PH!) of a completed laundry and bathroom renovation I worked on late last year so I thought I would share them on the blog.

The client's brief was to turn the pokey laundry/toilet into a powder room & secondary bathroom as well as a laundry space - a tall order from a room measuring just 2200mm x 2400mm!! They also wished to extend their existing family bathroom into the hallway to give them enough space to have a separate bath & shower as well as a toilet & vanity. I've included some plans to show how we reworked the spaces. The house is late Edwardian and the joinery style, colours and materials were chosen to give a nod to the era of the house but with some contemporary flavour.

This room had some very shallow impractical storage and for guest using the facilities, it really did feel like the toilet had been plonked in the corner of the laundry. The clients were keen to give the room more of a 'powder room' feeling also incorporating a shower so it could be used in conjunction with the family bathroom.

Powder & Bathroom facilities in Laundry
Beautiful & Functional - Powder Basin / Laundry Trough

The bathroom had an existing pedestal basin and medicine cabinet on the side wall - no bench space and no where near enough storage for a family of four! It also had a tiny 1200mm bath with a shower over the top - compromising both the ability to relax in the bath or enjoy the shower. We overcame this by having a shower open to the bath on one side, making the room feel much more open and allowing both a full sized bath and a walk in shower. 

Walk in Shower & Hob Bath
Bathroom Vanity with Medicine Cabinets Above

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Bathroom Before & After

Well its taken about 6 months but our 50's bathroom renovation is finally complete!  As I previously mentioned on the blog, I decided to keep the original lilac bath tub as it's the perfect size for a small person and keeps some of the homes original personality.  I contrasted it with charcoal and chalk porcelain tiles, shiny new chrome tapware and an Oak Timber vanity unit to bring it up to date.  I also added a mega-sized mirror to the right hand wall to make the room feel larger and to reflect the beautiful embossed feature tiles on the left hand wall.
Oak Vanity Unit & Sleek Black Towel Rails - Mega Mirror on the right

Original lilac bath set in new hob - charcoal floor tiles & embossed chalk wall tiles bring the colour up to date.

Bath hob extends into shower to become a shelf

BEFORE shot - Ugh!