Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Light Factory Gallery

Art works are one of the biggest stumbling blocks for interior design clients. Most people want something to hang on the wall that they connect too but often clients will be unsure of where to buy artworks, what to buy and how much to spend.

This week I had the pleasure of discovering the Light Factory Gallery in Eltham, including meeting the galley director - the lovely Margot Tasca. Margot is a painter herself and keen to promote art and artists local to the Eltham area. She has sourced a really interesting, eclectic group of artists and curates exhibitions of works that will resonate with a wide variety of clients. AND I am thrilled to add that the majority of artworks I saw in the current exhibition were very reasonably priced.

I fell in love with these gorgeous prints from local printmaker Kate Hudson. They are a little more conservative than what I would normally favour but the colours are soft and bold at the same time and the subject matter & composition traditional yet quite modern. I have always been a big fan of Margaret Preston and they reminded me a little of her works.

Teapot Tea Caddy & Two Bird Tea Caddy  - Kate Hudson

Yellow Chrysanthemums & Seven Proteas  - Kate Hudson

The Light Factory Gallery has a beautiful display space and out the back, the cafe is Eltham's best kept secret spot for coffee & cake. I think you might be hearing more from me on this gallery!

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