Monday, September 17, 2012

Coloured Taps!

Vola from DeDeCe
 Coloured tap ware is HUGE at the moment. Everyone from Ikea to Vola are making a range in black, white and a multitude of colours in between. A powder room or kids bathroom is a great opportunity to add a splash of colour with the tap ware - particularly if you are keeping the cabinetry & tiling very 'neutral'.

Vola from DeDeCe
My favourite taps! - Astra Walker 'Icon'
Astra Walker 'Icon' in Matt Black (sooo good!)
Zuchetti 'Isy' Wall Taps in Glossy Red
Zuchetti 'Isy' in understated White
Reece Nobili Mixers

Ikea 'Glittran' Traditional Mixer in Matt Black

Ikea 'Ringskar' Kitchen Mixer in Glossy Black (or White)
And its not just the bright block colours that rate a mention; companies like Astra Walker & Gessi are releasing their tap ware ranges in delicious finishes like Copper, Brown Bronze, Iron Bronze, Brushed Platinum and even Gold...
Astra Walker 'Metropolis' in Copper (swoon!)
Astra Walker 'Metropolis' in Iron Bronze

Gessi 'Mimi' in Gold


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