Monday, September 3, 2012

Kitchen Before & After

I was thrilled to hear from some clients in Canberra recently who have completed their kitchen & library renovation. M&A sent through some great 'After' photos and while I work on my elusive website, I thought it would be a great opportunity to post the happy snaps here.
BEFORE - Tired Kitchen

BEFORE - Kitchen Chimney & Canberra Cooker
BEFORE - Dining Room

BEFORE - Existing Wall Unit

The clients came to me wanting a kitchen renovation and rather than just re-fit the existing kitchen layout, I analyzed the layout of the internal rooms and how the clients use these spaces. They had a makeshift study tucked away in a third bedroom and a small dining room that often got used for the laptop of an evening. The kitchen was a separate room which felt disconnected from the living spaces and they also had a living room with an awkward unused section at the rear. It became clear that we needed to open the kitchen up and re-purpose some of these areas. We removed the original chimney and Canberra Cooker and opened up the adjacent wall by creating a sort of island bench framed by pantry & appliance cupboard. We also created a study/library space where the dining room once was - a space for the computer, lots of book storage and a comfy chair to curl up and read in the sun without feeling disconnected from the rest of the house. The awkward space behind the family room furniture became the new meals area. We used a restrained palette of marble, dark grey & white to offset the timber floorboards. We also gave the existing wall unit a lick of dark grey paint to give it a new lease of life.

AFTER - View through new opening from dining room to new Kitchen

AFTER - New Appliance cupboard and re-rejuvenated wall unit
AFTER - New Library & Study area

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