Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Splashback Make-over

Sometimes a room can be made over with a very simple update.  

A while ago a friend invited me over for coffee and we ended up talking about her kitchen.  They had installed it a few years ago when they had a very tight budget to adhere to and she confessed she wasn't that happy with it and had always hated the tiles.  I suggested she could give the kitchen a facelift by simply replacing the splashback tiles.  We talked through a few options for her very long wall and I showed her some beautiful relief tiles from Urban Edge Ceramics - when she cooed "Oh I looove those tiles" I knew we had found the right material!

The result is a very subtle 'tone on tone' colour palette which gives the kitchen a muted contemporary look.  And my friend still texts me occasionally to let me know she still 'loves the tiles'.

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