Sunday, November 9, 2014

And So To Bed...

Sketch by Renae Barrass
Been flat out in the lead up to the end of the year! Working on some great projects - large and small - with some fantastic clients. Also been to see some finished projects which has been really rewarding. Looking forward to sharing a little more on the Blog when I get a chance.

Recently I was asked by some friends to give a bit of advice on their tricky bedroom. Due to the size of the bedroom (smallish) the only wall for the bed to sit against is the front street-facing wall with a large 3 panel window. The mirrored wardrobe (installed by previous owners) down one side of the room means the window reads as off-centre on the inside of the room. To cap it all off, there is a street light right outside the window which shines right into the bedroom through the venetian blinds. This was a tough room...

What to do?? The first problem to solve is the off-centre window. We need to create some symmetry in the room to align with the placement of the bed. I suggested block out drapes that run on a curtain rail spanning the width of the room. On the left hand side they stack back against the wall, on the right hand side they cover the third pane of the window. This reduces the visible width of the window and creates the illusion that the bed is symmetrical to the wall & window. When drawn, the block out drapes also help with the light shining in at night. The clients can choose to keep the existing venetian blinds or replace with a sheer roller blind for privacy during the day. The second issue is that the window sill is almost level with the mattress height. A new bed with a high head such as the uber stylish 'Gus Carmichael' bed from Globe West was suggested along with new matching bedside tables & lamps. The bed & bedsides just need to sit a little forward of the wall to allow the drapes to open & close with ease. 

Gus Carmichael Bed from Globe West

The final thing I wasn't convinced about were those mirrored robe doors. Sure, mirrors make a small space feel bigger but I think in this small bedroom, they reflected all the furniture back, actually making the room feel more cluttered. They also drew the eye away from what should be the focal point - the bed wall. The decision was to replace them with simple plain doors.

So voila! Problems overcome - bedroom retreat coming up. Looking forward to seeing how this one turns out!

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